This is US…

I started Jodi’s Happy Hounds in Jan 2017 because of my passion for animals especially dogs. I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada on a 5 acre farm that had dogs, cats, cows, horses and my many attempts to raise baby mice to the horror of my parents. They have always been a huge part of my life growing up.

When I moved to Australia in 1999, we traveled around Australia, fruit picking, which is how we found our first baby, Tigi (Staffi). She had severe anxiety and was allergic to everything. A year later we got our baby boy Sherman (Staffi) to join our family. They were my children and the loves of my life. Once they passed away, I was devastated so I decided to become a foster mum for “Greyhound Safety Net” and was able to get 13 greyhounds fostered out to ‘furever’ homes which I’m so proud of. My husband and kids are a huge part of being able to make this a happy and loving home for your babies while they stay with us.

I have lots of knowledge and experience to offer since starting my business. I have gotten my CPR and First Aid training for dogs, Certificate in Animal Behaviour, Certificate in Basic Dog Care and Certificate in Dog Grooming. I also provide every stay booked through “Jodi’s Happy Hounds” coverage for public liability insurance. I have also gotten a police and working with children check which I can provide you documentation when you come for a FREE ‘Meet and Greet’! If you are concerned about your pet, here is at Jodi’s Happy Hounds, I have a product that has a GPS that I can put on there collar so I can track them anytime through my phone. This is great for dogs that are escape artists or get scared of storms. I love learning and will keep training to up skill my knowledge and what I can offer you, to help everyone have the best holiday!

My promise to you is that I will send updates everyday to put your mind at ease, show what your babies are up to and to give them the best holiday while your away on holidays! I get a LOT of feedback from my clients stating that it was the most important and rewarding aspect of leaving there babies with me.

Please feel free to look around my website and drop me an email if you want any more information or would like to bring your pet to come for a FREE MEET & GREET! I would love to hear from you!

Me, Quinn & Moose