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Announcing 100% Australian Meat Doggy Treats

FINALLY… I have done so much research, phone calls and more research to find someone to help me grow and to offer my babies an awesome TREAT! (Can you guess?)

Announcing Jodi’s Happy Hounds 100% Australian Meat in doggy treats. As you all know, I’m a firm believer in getting only the best for my dogs here. I went to so many pet places, and researching online and found that a lot of products contain fillers, cereals, colourings, etc which are not healthy for our babies. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against any of the other products but I want my babies parents to know that I’m giving them top quality treats and that I do actually care about there wellbeing while they are staying at Jodi’s Happy Hounds. I’m a firm believer of supporting the locals and making sure that it is 100% made in Australia. I will be getting up on my website and will be available to start purchasing in the next couple of days. I’m just so so so excited! I will be putting up more pics as I do have fish as well. This is just a sampler to get it up and introduced!

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